Sunday, May 31, 2009

6 of Cups

There is an old soul trapped in the body of a 7 year old; sometimes he's a lil' boy who love climbing walls; other times he keeps quiet, deep in thought. I showed him my picture and asked him to tell me a story so he did. Bless the ones who share their wisdom regardless of their age.

The lil' man told me that there was once a scary ghost... no, it was Gary Ghost (I heard wrong) who set the stars on fire. And when the stars came crumbling down around like a house of burning cards, Gary Ghost had to cross the bridge that is made up of swords to get to the other side [i]because[/i] on the other side was a door that would lead Gary ghost to a new place.

So I asked the lil' old man why would Gary Ghost set the stars on fire? He replied that it was because Gary Ghost was sad.

"Why was Gary Ghost sad?" I asked and he replied that it was because Gary Ghost was lonely and had no friends so Gary was also one bored Ghost! He said that Gary Ghost will cross the bridge, "if only Gary Ghost can get over the fear." Finally I asked if this story had a happy ending and he nodded, "...But it all depends on Gary Ghost."

I asked him why he didn't pick a girl's name instead and he said he didn't like girls :laugh:... Not now.. }) Wait a couple of few years and then we'll see.

Well, he's a sweetheart and he gave me flowers. Insisted he did not want his name made known but he would love to have his story published and I promised him I would share it with the world.