Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A musician, a poet, a skeptic and a believer; all sitting under the stars after the rain. We took an ace of spades and cut it into 4, each holding a piece close to our hearts.

Then we tried to convince the other that the piece we held was not part of the ace; it was the Ace of Spades in whole.

After a while, I watched as Anger creep up on us and made us deaf; then, in curious fascination, I watched Arrogance dig out compassion and hardened our hearts; Pride came right after and gagged us so we choked on our garbled nonsense; finally, Ignorance arrived to blindfold us so we stopped seeing altogether.

We continued our game but I grew weary because we didn't know the sum of all parts though we insisted we did. We thought we were masters of the universe but in truth, we are one-eyed mortals playing God on a little piece of rock floating around the universe.

I didn't tell the rest of course because all the while we were playing our little game, I heard echos of his laughter inside my head; the one I call Lytta.