Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Empress, The Emperor and The Soothsayer

Not that long ago, the Emperor found himself a laden with the responsibility of being a father before he himself was out of puberty. Not knowing what to do, he passed a decree to slay his heir even before the child was born; to rid himself of a burden he did not wish to have.

To save her child, the Empress ran away and raised the first born son on her own but a seed of hatred was planted alongside the unborn child when they broke faith; and it grew as he grew.

In his old age, the Emperor summoned his first born to his side and it was then that the Soothsayer came to see his father though they spent years carving a great gaping chasm of animosity between them.

The Soothsayer saw that in his mother's absence, the Emperor had taken for himself a new bride. As the young heir struggled to make amends with his father the Emperor; he found himself ensnared into the web of seduction that the new Empress had spun for him.

Strange how Fate has a way of dealing us the hand that turns the ties of blood into chains of obligation; how would soceity perceive the Lovers under such circumstances?

While the Page of Cups offers a toast; the Harvester listens to the lonely old Emperor speak of his regrets as he gathers the shattered pieces of his broken heart; and Lytta's crazed laughter echos across Jahanam like rolling thunder in the distance.

Did you know that when the Soothsayer first spoke to Lytta before the wheel turned; he told the lunatic knight of his intentions to meet his father and Lytta told the Soothsayer, "Do not touch your daddy's new bride." but the Soothsayer scoffed at the idea then, claiming it gross.

Until we face the crossroad of choices, we know not what we are truly capable of. Perhaps it is the enemy within we ought to be weary of.