Thursday, November 20, 2008

Imprisoned Instincts

Turning to Ash

Monday, February 4, 2008
Posted by *samiri at 4:05 AM

The child is the father; the child is the son; the child is the unholy one searching for holiness in a world corrupted by lust.

Fear not, child of the earth, all that is created of the earth returns to the earth. Let it turn within itself and taste the sweetness of its hospitality while you are a guest.

Beware the perilous turn of the clockwork wheel though; it catches the unwary in its shackles and when it does; the wheel slowly poisons your veins with rusted gold.

Sometimes I hear the scream of grinding metal, when the chains pull in opposite directions. Sometimes I think I can outrun the wheel but that's just my mind playing tricks on me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
excerpt of a conversation
Posted by *samiri at 12:21 AM

**Samiri to Malaikat : The child will beget another born out of wedlock and the infant will tear the web apart. Then the child will rebuild from the ruins another web.

His firstborn son will taste bitterness in his tongue and in his heart; his second born... she will tread the path of the ones before her.

Can the tides be turned? Of course it can... when the child and his bride unwrite the ancient text, it can be averted.

**Malaikat to Samiri : It is not in me to care if the web gets torn asunder by the rash actions of a child or his litter; I have seen this happen before.

Written in space almost a year ago, the prediction is coming true. How can the course be turned; when the outcome is foretold to the child and his bride yet they would not listen.

The bride has abandoned her young and the child is enraged for betrayal tastes bitter upon his tongue yet I cannot help but wonder if the bride ran away because she discovered his faithlesness.

Perhaps Adultery is an angel of lust laden with burdens of morality.