Saturday, December 27, 2008

Keeper of Cups

On the last day of the 8th moon; a prayer was sent out. I know not what I wrought, only that he came to me, shrouded in obscurity, asking for a face that he may have a wish granted; a meeting of souls longing for each other. He knew not where the other was; only that they wanted to be together. So I gave them both a face; the gentlemen rogue and his mistress... and now the wheel has turned once again.

I have been absent, in another place amongst long lost friends so news did not reach me as quickly as I wish it would. When I came back, I saw the Keeper of Cups and she spoke of treachery in Jahanam. It was I who brought it here and I begged for her to tell me more.

But as with all water creatures, she was in no hurry, indulging in the delight of withholding her little morsels of secret from me.

Instead she asked that I follow her. With long graceful strokes, she took to the waters and swam out into the open sea. It is not safe telling secrets in Jahanam, the army of the Storm under Lytta are everywhere but I knew where she was going... to the place where Lytta (Warrior of the Swords) feared the most.

Through waterways only the people of the water know about, she took me in circles until we came to... the lake where Lytta was once held captive by the Harvester (Warrior of the Cups); before he was freed by Samiri (Warrior of the Wands) with the help of Dajjal (Warrior of the Earth). Lytta would never step foot here and secrets are safe. There would be noone else listening if she told me what she knew.

So we hid in the shadows; the Keeper and I; as she whispered the story into my ear. Languishing in her favorite seashell, taking slow sips of the Harvester's own brew (stolen from his celler no doubt!!), she had a devilish glint in her eyes as she told me all that happened since I left.

The Empress has taken a lover and the Emperor MUST NOT know!!! The prayer was petitioned by the Soothsayer because he was looking for his love; he didn't know who she was, only that he needed to find her. **AWwww, Cr*P!!**

I drew them not knowing who they both were (like I said, the gentleman rogue was shrouded in obscurity) and now there is hell to pay... if the Emperor ever finds out. And I asked how can they keep such a secret when the Riders of the Storm are everywhere?

The Keeper smirked and told me that I had hidden them in the one place Lytta would never step foot on and she was here to guard the secret; a toast for new found love. So I took a peek over at the spot where they had hidden (or rather I had hidden them); in Harvester's own backyard no less.

Lo and behold, the Harvester himself was sending out smoke signals even Blind Justice could not possible miss, then looked at the Keeper of Cups completely indulging in her glass of intoxicating wine. So much she does not know; of intrigue and politics, deceit and the seedy shadow underworld. The Keeper is still so very young, really, by Jahanamiam standards so I left her to fantasies of fairytale romances.

My last thoughts as I looked back at her smug little smile is that no secret stays hidden forever but I think I have done quite enough. In the distance, I thought I heard the sound of rolling thunder but no... it was Lytta's laughter. A storm is coming...