Sunday, May 31, 2009

8 of Cups

Before the conception of the 9 of Cups, I was working on this image. Late into the night, I received a call and the caller asked what I was doing. I jokingly replied that I was drawing the monk climbing up a mountain.

A moment of silence passed before I was told of the Night Flower's plight. An entity was very unhappy with the Night Flower's employers and wanted it made known to them. My sister, the Night Flower refused to get involved because it implied that she was mad.... Seeing things noone else could. Those with such gifts bear a burden much greater than we can perceive; both psychologically and emotionally.

It did not end there... in one incident recently, the entity pushed the Night Flower and threatened to harm her if she chose not to help.

So I dropped the 8 of Cups and started on the 9 of Cups. When the image was finished, I called home and told Mom about it. Two days later, she called and the story finally unfolds;

Weeks ago, a taoist monk was engaged to perform prayer rites at the hotel where the Night Flower works. The entity began asking for a message to be passed to the management right after. When push came to shove, the Night Flower finally did what was requested of her and the monk who conducted the rites was asked to return to the highlands and finish what he started. :P You think I'm making this up, don't you? I wish I were...

When he came back, he was also asked to do a life reading on the Night Flower. He told her she was born with the gift to see them (spirits and what not); her life lines indicated that she was supposed to be a medium... :laugh: but the Night Flower adamantly refuses to entertain such nonsense.

The 9 of Cups was a petition for peace; the 8 of Cups is the journey one makes to attain that peace because in reality, things do not happen on its own. Even wishes have to be manifested before they become a reality. Like the 4 of Cups, its not about focusing on what makes us unhappy; its about seeking and maintaining peace of mind and heart.