Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The cups will flow according to the tides; its course lie beyond our control. If in Jahanam, what appears to the naked eye seems to defy reality as we know it, perhaps it is because what we know as reality may in fact be the illussion we accept as reality.

I have a friend who is living a heartbreak even as I write. Plagued by nightmares where monsters come to life; it is my heartbreak to know another feels such pain.

So I wrote her a message and sent it on butterfly wings; so it may reach her and sooth the wound where the heart once resided.

I told her that sometimes what we cannot accept in reality, we live out in our dreams;

Our psyche is trying to protect itself so we process our pain through our dreams;

And numbness is a painkiller that shields us from our heartbreak;

For what is pain but beauty disguised within our human experience;

'Tis a pity we cannot bear to feel the touch of beauty in all its horrible glory;

Instead we shrink in denial and we cower behind the petals of illusion hoping for salvation that will never come;

Until we stare the sacred beast in the eye.

**Send a prayer out to my friend if you can; that she may heal from this experience a stronger person.**